Portail Aucept Portail Aucept is not a "website" offering some content.
Portail Aucept is a dedicated interface, exclusively for personal use.
|----- as such, it is subject to the opening of an account (freely delivered).
|----- delivered like an empty envelope.
|----- fully configurable and ready to record your content.
|----- it will "only offer your own recorded content".
|----- french version only available.

Portail Aucept is intended to be positioned as your browser's default home page.
|----- URL to copy :
Secure connection, automatic or manual options.
Portail Aucept will be your companion in all your internet access, in any place or on any computer.
With the same tools, favorites, information, documents etc, the same comfort ... as at home.

Back-office completes. Many managers to get power on :
|----- all the visual.
|----- the many options available.
|----- the tools, information, documents you dayly use.
|----- the so-called sensitive data are recorded in encrypted form.

Freeware : free access and use.

Access to Portail Aucept
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